MA Commission on the Status of Women Honors Codman Sq. Activist

BOSTON- State Senator Nick Collins recently nominated Cynthia Loesch-Johnson for an annual award from the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women entitled “Unsung Heroine” and intended to recognize “women who don’t always make the news, but truly make the difference.”

According to the Commission, Unsung Heroines are the women who use their time, talent, and enthusiasm to enrich the lives of others and make a difference in their neighborhoods. They are mentors, volunteers, and innovators who do what needs to be done, without expectations of recognition or gratitude.

Cynthia Loesch-Johnson, a resident of Codman Square, has been a community advocate since early in her life, fighting back against big tobacco and predatory business tactics, and championing neighborhood improvements in greenspace and streetscape cleanliness.

She currently serves as the President of the Codman Square Neighborhood Council, a neighborhood association that is committed to community improvement through health, opportunity, and collaboration. Cynthia and others on the Council empower their neighbors through communication with local stakeholders, including elected officials, businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

Under Loesch-Johnson’s leadership, the Council has recently been working with a diverse group of stakeholders to redesign and reinvigorate Codman Square Park, including organizing community events, social gatherings, and the Codman Square Farmers Market which brings farms and local vendors to the Square every Saturday from 11am-2pm in coordination with the Codman Square Health Center. The group has championed a full redesign of the park, and is now awaiting funding for the project.

“Cynthia’s dedication to public health, environmental justice, and sustainable communities is second to none,” said Senator Nick Collins. “Our neighborhood is lucky to have advocates like her who dedicate their talent and energy to improving lives. Too often these contributions go unrecognized, and this award is a small token of our shared gratitude for her efforts.”

“It’s an honor to be acknowledged with so many inspiring women and I am appreciative for the opportunity to highlight the innovative work taking place in Codman Square,” said Cynthia Loesch-Johnson.