Funding to support public safety, public health, mental health/substance addiction treatment, senior and youth programs, small businesses, and open space   

BOSTON – Senator Nick Collins and Representative David Biele joined their colleagues in the Massachusetts State Legislature in passing the state budget for the fiscal year 2022.  

Funded at $47.6 billion, this year’s budget supports the Commonwealth’s communities, schools, families, small businesses, and workers as Massachusetts emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, Sen. Collins and Rep. Biele secured over $1 million to support the South Boston community.  

Public health was a top priority this budget cycle and include funding for the South Boston Community Health Center, a crucial community resource that provides local, quality health care. Treatment and recovery were also public health priorities, as Sen. Collins and Rep. Biele secured funding for the Gavin Foundation and the South Boston Joseph Nee Collaborative Center to provide substance addiction treatment and recovery programming. 

With public safety another key priority, Sen. Collins and Rep. Biele secured funding for: state police patrols along Day Boulevard, M Street Beach, Carson Beach, and Castle Island; patrols at MBTA stations, including Broadway Station, Andrew Station, and JFK Station; funding to support the Boston Police Department in Area C-6.  The budget also includes funding secured by Sen. Collins and Rep. Biele for investments in the Boston Fire Department Training Academies and hazardous materials response teams along with Boston Sparks Canteen Program to serve and assist first responders during emergency situations.

“This year’s budget process was vitally important, and my office along with Rep. Biele’s were able to secure critical investments to the community, prioritizing economic recovery, local non-profits and small business support, education, healthcare, environmental justice, and public health & safety,” said Sen. Collins. “I was proud to work together with my colleagues and successfully finalize this budget, and I look forward to continuing to work together to recover and rebuild our neighborhoods, our city, and the Commonwealth.”

“Nothing in the budget is ever guaranteed, especially in these unprecedented times,” said Rep. Biele.  “I am proud to work with Sen. Collins in advocating for our neighborhood during this year’s state budget process and I am thankful to my colleagues in the House for supporting crucial investments in programs that support our community.”

Understanding the need to support youth and seniors, Sen. Collins and Rep. Biele also secured funding to support the South Boston Neighborhood House and the Harry McDonough Sailing Program.  The budget also includes investments in workforce development, family support programs, and education programs at the Tierney Learning Center and Julie’s Family Learning Center.

Regarding the local economy, the state budget includes funding for the South Boston Neighborhood Development Corporation to support local small businesses, as well as funding to address food insecurity. 

The state budget also supports open space in South Boston with key investments including a trust to support both Castle Island and Marine Park.

In addition to supporting local programs, the state budget allocates over $223 million in Chapter 70 education funding for the City of Boston, with an additional $208 million in Unrestricted General Government Aid (UGGA) for the City of Boston.  These investments represent increases in both Chapter 70 and UGGA funding from the last fiscal year.