Transportation Bond Bill Makes Significant Investments in Transit Equity

BOSTON – Last Thursday, the Massachusetts State Senate approved a multi-billion dollar borrowing bill to authorize executive agencies like the Department of Transportation and the MBTA to make significant capital investments in transportation infrastructure, multi-modal transit, and equity in access to clean transportation models.  Sen. Nick Collins was successful in securing several amendments for local projects in the First Suffolk District, totaling $7.5 Million, including: 

  • $1.5 million for MBTA Red Line improvements at JFK/UMass, Andrew, and Broadway stations, including accessibility, elevators, stairs, lighting, platforms, and cleanliness. Unlike stations further down on the Ashmont Branch, these stations have not been rebuilt in decades. 
  • $1.5 million to support Boston’s Safe Streets program which makes investments in traffic calming measures on neighborhood streets, including sidewalks, lane reconfiguration, and pedestrian and bike amenities.
  • $1.5 million for streetscape improvements in Mattapan Square, including sidewalk expansions, pedestrian amenities, traffic calming, bus and transit connections, parking, multi-modal transit, bike infrastructure, and taking into account the needs of local businesses in the Square. 
  • $1 million for transportation study of Kosciuszko Circle and surrounding roads to improve safety, traffic flow, and pedestrian experience. 
  • $1 million for a pedestrian pathway connecting Glover’s Corner to the Red Line Corridor and Savin Hill Station
  • $1 million for better MBTA bus service in South Boston by creating an additional and alternative bus route #7A, designed to reduce overcrowding, speed up trips, and improve rider experience. 

“I have heard from residents from all corners of the district about the need for more reliable MBTA service, safer streets, better bike infrastructure, and more creative investments in clean transportation. These projects will improve multi-modal transportation options, pedestrian safety, access to transit, and environmental quality across the First Suffolk District” said Senator Nick Collins.​ “From MBTA improvements, to sidewalks and traffic calming in our residential neighborhoods, I was proud to secure these bond authorizations.”

The legislation also included :

  • $3.26B for the MBTA for capital costs, repairs etc
  • $695M for the Green Line Extension
  • $475M for multi-modal transportation planning and implementation
  • $50M for the local bottleneck reduction program
  •  $30M for the bus transit infrastructure partnership

The bills will now be conferenced with the House of Representatives before moving to the Governor for his approval.