Workforce Diversity Investments Included in Major Life Sciences Bond Bill

BOSTON – On Thursday, Senator Nick Collins joined his colleagues in the Massachusetts State Senate to pass a bill that extends state investments in the life sciences and biotechnology industry in Massachusetts, catalyzing thousands of jobs across the state. The legislation includes a provision to authorize $20 million for a nursing innovation center at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Those funds will be used for design, construction, infrastructure improvements, and equipment necessary to operate the facility. The center is intended to provide students and practitioners access to state-of-the art simulation labs and clinical training and research spaces.

The bill also ensures that funds will be put towards capital grants that promote diversity in the field of life sciences, including investments in minority-owned businesses, and grants to school districts with significant minority populations. Efforts to promote and foster diversity in the workforce for life sciences and biotech will be reported annually to the legislature to establish accountability and transparency safeguards.

“This bond authorization reaffirms our commitment to diversity and excellence in the life science industry in Massachusetts and at UMass Boston” said Senator Collins. “I am proud that we were able to craft a bill that will create economic opportunity across the state, promote diversity in this growing professional field, and give students access to cutting edge equipment, innovative research opportunities, and rewarding careers.”

The bill will now be laid before the Governor for approval.