Dear Residents,

        I want to share with you a couple of key pieces of legislation that my office will be working on in this new legislative session. I am excited to get to work on the issues. From transportation equity, to environmental justice, to public health and safety, & everything in between, it is an honor to serve you.

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. we’ve doubled down on efforts to make Boston a more equal place for all by:

Diversifying police and fire departments at state colleges, universities, & Massport

-Requiring any business applying for tax credits to have a plan for diversity

-Creating a maximum allowable rate for check-cashing to stop predatory practices

Incentivizing diversity and inclusion on state-land developments

-Establishing a Homeless Bill of Rights 

-Ensuring the Marijuana Industry is accessible and equitable for all

-Exploring a memorial to LGBT veterans

Employing persons with disabilities 

We know that safe, reliable, and accessible public transportation is a cornerstone to our economy and creates pathways to jobs. That’s why I’ve re-filed legislation to mandate a rapid-transit pilot on the Fairmount Corridor, to ensure transportation equity and access in the entire City of Boston. We’ve also filed bills to:

-Study multi-modal transportation and pedestrian safety on Day Boulevard

-#FreeTheRamp to improve Silver Line Access to the airport

-Analyze MBTA assets in Boston for long term revenues that could pay for improvements

-Create a limited stop pilot to bypass traffic in South Boston & get people to work faster

-Allow cities to charge TNC’s small fees to fund transportation improvements

Housing rights and environmental justice go hand in hand. That’s why my office is working on bills to:

– Slow the rate of foreclosures and keep people in their homes by requiring mediation and judicial oversight

– Allow low-income housing cooperatives to access the rental tax deduction

– Ensure all new development is planning for the impacts of climate change

Protect seniors from evictions

– Require property-owners to bear the costs of relocation

Enact carbon pricing and reinvest in our communities

– Promote access to clean solar energy

As substance misuse, mental health, and outcome disparities continue to affect our communities, my office is pushing legislation that would require mental health education in all K-12 schools.When we teach children about the importance of mental health, we have an opportunity to improve outcomes. We have also filed bills to:

– Get needles off our streets by enhancing access to safe disposal sites at pharmacies

– Automatically enforce certain traffic violations to protect pedestrians

– Increase access to alternative health care    – Establish a homeless bill of rights

– Ensure quality case management for our elderly neighbors

Promote child welfare through enhanced training to detect signs of domestic abuse

I look forward to continuing to tackle these issues and more in this Legislative session, and as always, I appreciate your support.