BOSTON – Recently, State Senator Nick Collins joined his colleagues in the Massachusetts State Senate in unanimously passing a $47.7 billion budget for Fiscal Year 2022 (FY22).

During the debate, Senator Collins championed amendments to directly benefit the First Suffolk District and was able to secure significant funding for the Castle Island and Marine Park areas in South Boston.

This funding totaling to $500,000 prioritizes Castle Island and Marine Park maintenance, staffing, and programming. Including funding for the Harry McDonough Sailing Center, which offers free youth summer camp opportunities for all residents. Thirdly, the funding provides DCR assets maintenance, staffing, programming across the city.

“Castle Island and Marine Park are essential green spaces and natural resources that need considerable investments, which is why I fought hard in the Senate Budget to secure these critical investments” said Senator Nick Collins. “These green spaces are some of the most utilized assets in the State’s portfolio, drawing visitors from all over the region, and it’s imperative we continue make sure they are maintained for all to safely enjoy.”

Sponsored by Senator Collins, the Castle Island and Marine Park Trust was created and signed into law in 2018. As part of the legislation, revenue generated from the use of these assets get reinvested into them. “It is critical that we find a sustainable funding method to deal with the wear and tear and staffing needs at Castle Island, Marine Park, Day Boulevard and our beaches,” said Senator Collins.  

Senator Nick Collins and Representative David Biele also worked to secure additional public safety funding for Boston in the FY22 State Budget. That funding includes dedicated public safety and security at local state parks and beaches in the South Boston area.