BOSTON – Last week, State Senator Nick Collins voted for a transportation infrastructure bill that will invest $350 million in municipal transportation and selected statewide transportation infrastructure projects. 

The bill, An Act Financing Improvements to Municipal Roads and Bridges, authorizes $200 million for municipal roads and bridges through the chapter 90 program. It also provides $150 million to support statewide projects to address congestion, support electric vehicle infrastructure, prioritize bus infrastructure, and other public transit improvements. The chapter 90 program will allocate $15 million directly to the City of Boston for road and bridge maintenance and repairs. 

The bill includes the following components: 

  • $200 million in chapter 90 funding for cities and towns 
  • $25 million for the Municipal Small Bridge Program 
  • $25 million for the Local Bottleneck Program  
  • $25 million for Electric Vehicle (EV) infrastructure 
  • $25 million for Transit-Supportive Infrastructure 
  • $25 million for Bus Prioritization and Enhancement Projects 
  • $25 million for Enhancements at Transit and Commuter Rail Stations 

The bill also includes language clarifying that transportation infrastructure projects are an allowable use of American Rescue Plan Act funds, consistent with U.S. Treasury guidelines. 

“These critical funds will ensure our cities and towns promote safety and reliability on their roads and infrastructure,” said State Senator Nick Collins. “I am proud to support this funding and am excited for increased investments in emerging electric vehicle infrastructure which lead to a transportation system that is reliable, accessible and climate resilient.”

The legislative package was passed by the House and Senate and now goes to Governor Baker for his signature.